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With our large selection of stone from around the country, we can help you transform your yard into a space reminiscent of your favorite destination.

flagstone patio with chairs

Flagstone Options

  • Arizona

  • Cherokee Creek

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone

  • Texas Limestone

  • Fossil Creek

  • Sydney Peak

  • Yosemite Slate

  • Utah Sunrise

Arizona Golden Buckskin flagstone

The many colors available with Arizona Flagstone can set the experiences of a lifetime right in your yard.  Whether you are looking to recreate the warm desert feel of the Southwest or to create your own relaxing Sedona spa experience with our Sedona Red Flagstone or bring the majesty of the Grand Canyon to your home, our vast collection can make this happen.  Arizona is available in patio or select grade flagstone, landscape boulders and strip stone. 

Cherokee Creek
Cherokee Creek flagstone

Cherokee Creek Flagstone is the perfect hardscape compliment to the local Santa Barbara Sandstone. Cherokee is available in the brown tones, a blue/brown blend and Silvmermist Blue. The material is also available in patio flag, large slabs, tumbled strip and pavers for driveways and curbing as well as pre-chopped stairtreads, wall cap and coping.

Pennsylvania Bluestone
Pennsylvania Flagstone Blue Treads flagstone

Beautiful quartzite sandstone quarried in Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes in a unique color range from blue to full range. Material is available in random flag as well as sawn ashlar pattern pavers in a variety of sizes.

Fossil Creek
Fossil Creek flagstone

Fossil Creek is a very dense quartz sandstone quarried in enchanted Eastern New Mexico.  Fossil Creek is available in random flagstone and can be fabricated into planking, pool coping, wall caps and endless other possibilities. 

Sydney Peak
Sydney Peak flagstone

Sydney Peak, ​a quartzitic schist from the Mojave Desert of California offers a beautiful shimmery blue/gray look.  Sydney Peak is available in patio flag as well as large slabs and thin stand-up flag.  It is also produced in ledge ledge stone as well as landscape boulders and garden fountains and ornamental columns.

Yosemite Slate
Yosemite Slate flagstone

Quarried in California at the base of the Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Slate’s gold, brown and gray color range blend beautifully recreating the majesty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in your home or garden.  This expansive product line can fulfill every aspect of your project using, flagstone, ledge stone, and more.

Texas Limestone
Texas Limestone flagstone

Straight from the North edge of beautiful Texas Hill Country, Texas Limestone brings an elegant look with a very high quality to your home.  Using the wide array of products produced from these magnificent quarry blocks will set your home apart from all the others.  Available in sawn veneer in a variety of colors and surface textures as well as full bed depth stone.  Also produced in architectural details such as window and door surrounds.

Utah Sunrise
Utah Sunrise flagstone

As awe inspiring as a beautiful sunrise, this unique flagstone has a blend of beautiful colors that gives this product it's name.

Image by engin akyurt

Flagstone Inspiration

Cherokee Creek Stairtreads

This Cherokee Creek is installed as stairtreads with the native Santa Barbara Sandstone.

Texas Limestone

This Texas Limestone installation is comprised of rectangular stone for the decking and wall cap as well as an ashlar pattern for the walls and arc.

stone archway overlooking trees and stairs
retaining wall and landscaping
white room with stone fireplace and furniture
Cherokee Sandstone Steps
La Zenia

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